March 1st, 2011

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Car Accident Compensation: How to Deal with an Insurance Adjuster

As a driver, you are at risk of sustaining injuries every time you sit behind the wheel. You may be involved in a car accident if you encounter a motorist who has no respect for traffic rules.

If you suffered from losses or were hurt in the accident, it is advisable that you give a demand letter to the other driver’s insurance company in the hope of receiving a settlement pay from it. Once it received your letter, you and the insurance adjuster will then engage in a settlement negotiation in order to resolve the problem immediately.

Dealing with an insurance adjuster may be difficult because there is a high chance that he will offer you a low amount of settlement. If you do not know the proper way on how to deal with him, it is advisable that you follow these tips:

·         Acquire legal assistance from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer- Having a legal expert on your side is an advantage, especially if you do not know the different issues that are involved in the negotiation process.

Aside from helping you understand the process, your lawyer will also tell you the different techniques that the insurance adjuster might use against you in order to lower the amount of your settlement pay.

·         Know the amount of settlement pay you want to receive- Before you talk to the adjuster, you should already know how much money you should get from him. It will prevent you from easily accepting his offer if you are already under too much pressure.

However, you should lower the amount of your expected settlement pay if the adjuster presented facts which you failed to take into account while trying to determine how much should be given to you.

·         Do not accept the adjuster’s initial offer- There is a high chance that the adjuster will offer you a low amount at the start of the negotiation process. You should not accept his offer if you think that it will not be able to cover all your losses.

In addition, you should ask him to give you valid reasons why he is offering you that amount.

Aside from asking the adjuster to justify his decision regarding the offer, you can also provide him with facts which show the reason why you need to receive a higher settlement pay.

If you want to know more tips on how to deal with an insurance adjuster, you can call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300.