March 4th, 2011

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Types of Brain Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Authorities and different agencies never failed to remind the public about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle, or even bicycle. As everyone already knows, motorcycle helmets are used to protect the head of the rider and passengers, if there are any.

Whether you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, or the rider liable for it, as long as you are not wearing a helmet, the chances of acquiring head and brain injuries are high. Severe injuries may require legal assistance from a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

There are 4 components that make helmets effective: the outer shell (disperses and lessens impact energy before it reaches the head) impact-absorbing liner (reduces and absorbs the shock), comfort padding (makes wearing more comfortable), and a retention system (the chin strap which secures the helmet on even during a crash).

The following are just some of the injuries to the brain a person can acquire in the event he gets into a motorcycle accident without a helmet.

  • Nerve damage: The head is not the only thing that may get displaced on impact; the brain inside the skull may do so as well. When this happens, the brain’s nerves get stretched or torn. Nerve damages usually result to coma, abnormal limbs movement, high blood pressure, and fever.
  • Contusion: Also called bruising, this injury is also acquired when the brain moves back and forth inside the skull. As a result, bleeding or skull fractures can occur, which can further lead to brain swelling, coma, or higher pressure inside the skull.
  • Anoxia: Also known as the lack of oxygen to different parts of the brain, anoxia arises from an injury to the brain’s blood flow. If there is no or less oxygen on the brain, it can lead to heart attack, stroke, loss of memory, speech problems, seizures, and even long-term coma or brain death.
  • Hematoma: This is a pool or lump of blood that may form on the outer layer (Epidural), middle (Subdural), or the inside (Intracerebral) part of the brain. It can be removed through surgery, depending on its location and whether it’s getting larger or not.
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage: This is a bleeding in the brain that may also occur in 3 areas: on the outer surface (Subarachnoid), in ventricles or spaces (Intraventricular), or in the brain tissue (Intracerebral).

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