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Truck Driving Safety 101: Simple Tips and Reminders

Driving a trailer truck is a difficult and dangerous job. Aside from controlling the tractor, truck drivers should also keep their trailers and cargo in mind because they often cause accidents. If you are a truck driver who wants to maintain a clean driving record for your company, here are some tips and reminders for you to follow:

  • Slow down during dangerous conditions on the road. When passing on snowy or icy roads, reduce your speed by about a half.
  • Do not overload. Overloaded trucks are more prone to rollover collisions because of weight imbalance.
  • Take a break. After driving for several hours, you should rest or take a nap to regain energy. You may also have another driver take the wheel while you rest.
  • Be careful when passing by work zones. Trucks should slow down on busy places to avoid collisions with cars and other vehicles.
  • Keep the truck in good working condition. The tires, engine, cargo area and brakes should be well-maintained to avoid any defect-related accidents. There should also be spare tires in case of emergency.

These tips may not totally keep you out of harm’s way, but at least they would reduce your chances of getting involved in collisions on the road. But what if you were struck by a reckless driver? You may still be able to avoid liability if you can prove the following factors:

  • You were not driving above the speed limit.
  • The truck was not overloaded.
  • You tried to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

In this kind of situation, you need to get a Los angeles truck accident attorney to work on your case. The Los Angeles accident attorney of Mesriani Law Group can resolve this kind of legal problem. Just call us at (310) 826-6300 or send us an email at so we can take initial steps for your situation. With our help you may be able to prove the points given above, and avoid liability for the accident. However, you may still get a bad record for getting involved in the crash.

While trucks may be more difficult to drive than cars, its principles are almost the same. Drivers should understand that a lot of things can happen with just a single mistake. If they do not want to suffer the damages and legal consequences of a truck accident, then they should learn to control themselves and drive responsibly.


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