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Eye Protection in Construction Accidents
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

More than 2000 construction workers in the US suffer eye injuries on the job, according to federal statistics. Such injuries may result not only to missed work days but worst, even to blindness. Infectious diseases like conjunctivitis, influenza, or even HIV can be transmitted through the eyes’ mucous membranes. To know about the legal implications of a construction accident, seek legal counsel from a Los Angeles construction accident lawyer.

Use of eye protectors such as goggles, safety glasses, mask, visors and other safety gears, is the only way to avoid such injuries. The nature and extent of work hazards should be considered when choosing the protective equipment. The following are some of the protections that can be used for construction work.

  1. Safety glasses: These are used as minimum protection from dust, chips, or other flying or blown particles. Get hybrid glasses with foam or rubber around the lens or the wrap-around type that can be converted to goggles for better peripheral vision.
  2. Goggles: These provide protection from high impacts, chemical splashes, and torch cutting or welding light. Goggles with indirect venting protect eyes from splashes or fine dust, while direct ones are good when working with large particles to lessen fogging. For workers with contact lenses, go for tight-fitting goggles.
  3. Face shields: Use face shields when working with chemicals that may be splashed or sprayed onto the face. They should be tinted or metal-coated for added heat and splatter protection. If you are wearing face shields, make sure to also wear safety glasses or goggles underneath.
  4. Full facepiece respirators: This is the best eye protector, especially for workers with contact lens, against dust, chemicals, and smoke. Additional proper eye protection should be used if wearing half-mask respirators.
  5. Welding helmet, goggles, faceshield, and respirator: Welding work requires multiple protections not only for the eyes. Even surrounding tissue can get severely burned. Use the darkest lens for the goggles to protect against the welding light.

Aside from using eye protectors, workers should also know what to do in case of an accident that can affect the eye. For example, they should know what to do if fragments of rocks or dusts get inside or punctures their eyes, if someone suffered burns in the eye while working with chemicals, or if someone is accidentally struck on the eye.

They should also know that a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney from Mesriani Law Group is ready to help them acquire the rightful amount of compensation for their injuries. Workers can reach the lawyers through contact number (310) 826-6300.



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