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Minimizing Slip and Fall Accidents by Removing Obstructions
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

More than being humiliated, people should mostly be concerned about any injuries that they may acquire after slipping, tripping, and falling, especially when it happen around the premises owned by another. Victims of slip and fall accidents should ask a knowledgeable Los Angeles accident attorney regarding the legal implications of this.

One of the simple solutions to minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents is to remove obstructions left lying on the floor or stairs, especially those that are frequently overlooked.

  • Cables and leads – All appliances and machines run with the help of electricity, especially cleaning equipments. To avoid tripping over trailing cables, do the cleaning when there are less people on the premises, or while the establishment is closed. If something has to be cleaned during hectic hours, make the people aware of the risk through signs or barriers. Use a socket closest to the area to be cleaned so the cable doesn’t have to be extended for too long. It can also be covered, or be moved out of the way by using overhead cables. Keep it away after use.
  • Trash or junk - Do not leave trash, or things that are deemed useless already, lying around. Boxes, pieces of paper, or any kind of obstruction that may already be considered as garbage should be disposed right away.
  • Uneven floors – Curling mats, peeling carpet tiles, holes, and irregularity on the level are some of the reasons for uneven floors. Cleaners or any employees working in the establishment should report any defects or unmarked changes on the floor so that the management can take action to fix it as soon as possible. Concerned visitors or occupiers may also report any defects that they saw.
  • Lighting – Premises should be adequately lit so that people can easily see defects that may cause them to slip and fall. Occupiers, visitors, cleaners, or employees of the establishment should also report any broken and missing lights, or locations around the premises that are poorly lit.
  • Housekeeping – Some cleaners may be negligent for not cleaning or leaving out obstructions or spills, or for leaving their materials lying around. It is the cleaners’ duty to remove clutter and keep the premises clean, and store away their materials when not in use.

An injury attorney in Los Angeles from Mesriani Law Group is the right person to turn to if a slip and fall accident caused severe injuries to the victim. E-mail an attorney from the law firm at to know what actions to take against the liable party.


Pedestrian Safety: Avoiding being Hit and Injured by Cars
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Although a pedestrian accident is not as frequent as vehicular accidents, it still accounts for nearly 12 per cent of deaths due to road accidents and it occurs mostly in urban areas. To learn about the laws that cover pedestrian accidents and deaths, seek counsel from a knowledgeable Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.

According to the US Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 4,092 pedestrians died in 2009, which is actually seven per cent lower compared to the previous year’s record. New Jersey had high proportions of car occupants (46 per cent) and pedestrian deaths (27 per cent), but the highest in percentage pedestrian deaths were in District of Columbia (48 per cent). In California, there were 2,816 fatal accidents in 2009, which lead to the death of 3,081 pedestrians.

Despite the huge number of fatalities due to pedestrian accidents, people are expected to take extra care of themselves in order to avoid such mishap.

  • Look both ways before crossing the street to see if there are any oncoming vehicles.
  • When going for a jog, keep the volume of the headphones at a minimum. That way, you can still hear any vehicles that may be traveling behind you, or at any point that you cannot easily see.
  • Use a crosswalk, overpass, or underpass to minimize the risk when crossing.
  • Never try to outrun a car.

Many pedestrian accidents also involve skaters or people who may be doing a leisure activity or recreational sport. They can also save themselves some trouble by keeping some safety measures in mind.

  • Wear some protective gear, like helmets.
  • If possible, get a helmet with an attached mirror.
  • Wear a headlamp, a reflective gear, or brightly-colored clothing, especially when traveling at night, so that motorists can see you easily.
  • Look out for vehicles that may be turning or passing by before crossing an intersection.
  • Be prepared to stop even before reaching an intersection.
  • Stay away from drivers’ blind spots.
  • If a car door opens in front, stop or move to the right and get off the road.
  • If the road is not too congested, ride at the center of the road to avoid any doors that may suddenly open.

A Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney from Mesriani Law Group help pedestrians who may have been injured in an accident to obtain the compensation they deserve. Call (310) 826-6300 now.


Cyclist Errors to Avoid
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles may be convenient and cheaper to use but its disadvantages can result to accidents. One of the many inherent dangers that are also considered an advantage of a bicycle is its small size.

Due to its small frame, many motorists fail to spot bicycles on the road. Because of that, most accidents that involve bikes are collisions with other cars or vehicles. A car-bicycle accident happens maybe due to misunderstanding of how traffic works in the part of both motorists and cyclists.

Injured victims of bicycle accidents may need to consult with a Los Angeles bike accident attorney to recover damages for their injuries and losses.

Cyclists often commit the following mistakes, making collisions more likely to happen.

  • Cyclists do not follow traffic laws for vehicles all the time, some of them deliberately break the laws. Instead, they follow laws for pedestrians or hide from vehicles rather than ride on traffic lanes.
  • They do not have install lights that are important when riding at night.
  • They ride along in the gutter, and weave between vehicles.
  • They often panic when other vehicles approach.
  • They fail to do maintenance check on the bike.
  • They still ride even when they are not in shape (e.g. drunk, sick, or tired).

Here are some situations where in a car-bicycle accident is likely to occur.

  • Bicycle entering the road from a driveway: The cyclist does not stop before entering the roadway and is hit by a car. It is important to stop before arriving into a major roadway and look in both directions to avoid being struck by an oncoming vehicle.
  • Bicycle entering the road from a sidewalk: The cyclists riding along the sidewalk decides to go the roadway and swerves into it. He is also likely to get hit by a vehicle, that’s why he should stop and look before swerving into the roadway.
  • Bicycle from the sidewalk entering the roadway via a driveway: It is also likely that a cyclist enters a major road from the sidewalk by passing along a driveway. Again, it is possible for him to be hit if he fails to look before entering, or to wait until nearby vehicles have passed. It is also important to not ride against the traffic.

Accidents can happen to almost everyone not only to cyclists. If you were in any kind of accident that may require legal help from a Los Angeles accident attorney, contact Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300 now.


Common FAQs on Pedestrian Accidents
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Walking is the most basic way of traveling. It enables you to travel short distances and to become physically fit, considering that is known as a form of exercise. However, walking along the streets or crossing the roads can be dangerous, especially for a child, due to the occurrence of pedestrian accidents.

If you or your child sustained injuries after being hit by a vehicle, you have the right to take legal action against the driver with the help of a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer. This expert will help you prove your allegations by gathering and presenting evidence which shows that the defendant failed to follow traffic rules.

In addition, he will guide you throughout the litigation process and give you advice on how you should proceed with the case.

Aside from acquiring legal assistance, you will also increase your chances of winning the case if you have enough knowledge regarding the different issues that are related to pedestrian accidents.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which can help you have a deeper understanding regarding this type of accident:

Q: Who are the most common victims in pedestrian accidents?

A: According to statistics, around 70 percent of all fatal pedestrian accidents involved men. Meanwhile, children aged 15 and below account for around 22 percent of all the pedestrians who were injured due to traffic accidents.

Q: Can alcohol trigger the occurrence of this accident?

A: Yes. In fact, it was reported that alcohol was involved in around 48 percent of all fatal pedestrian accidents in 2008.

Q: What is the first thing that I need to do after I was hit by a vehicle?

A: After being hit by a vehicle, the first thing that you need to do is to acquire immediate medical treatment, especially if you were seriously injured because of it. Here are two advantages of going to a hospital:

·         A doctor will treat your injuries and prevent them from causing additional damage to your body

·         You can get your medical records from the hospital if you decided to pursue a case against the driver

Q: How can I avoid being hit by a vehicle?

A: Your chances of being involved in an accident will be reduced if you follow these tips:

·         Use the designated crosswalk

·         Avoid doing other things while crossing the street like texting or reading a map

·         Look out for approaching vehicles before your cross the street

For more information about pedestrian accidents, you can call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300.


Knowing What to Do after Suffering from Sexual Harassment
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Many employees, both male and female, are sexually harassed in the workplace, as seen in the statistics released by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In fact, in the Fiscal Year of 2008 alone, the agency received more than 13,000 sexual harassment complaints.

This unlawful act, which is also considered as a type of gender or sex discrimination, happens when pleas for sexual favors, unwanted sexual advances, or other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature unjustly affects an employee’s job performance, implicitly  or explicitly affect his employment, or creates a hostile, offensive, or intimidating work environment.

There are many actions which constitute sexual harassment so it is better if you will always observe the conduct of your co-employees, supervisor, or even employer. If you feel that you were sexually harassed in the workplace, it is advisable that you do the following:

  • Approach the harasser and tell him that you find his actions malicious and offensive- Because the workplace is occupied by many people who have different opinions, personality, and interests, you might think that a certain action done by your co-employee is offensive though he does not see it the same way as you do.
  • Gather evidence- If the harasser refused to admit that he made a mistake and if he continued to do the illegal act even after you talked to him, the next thing that you can do is to find evidence which shows that your allegations are true.
  • Talk to or file a complaint with your employer- If the employee handbook has imposed a procedure when filing a sexual harassment complaint, it is advisable that you follow it. Once you have filed the complaint, an investigation may be conducted so that your employer will know whether you are telling the truth.
  • Consult a Los Angeles harassment lawyer- If your employer did not address or resolve the problem, you can then consult a lawyer in order to know the alternative actions that you can do in order to acquire justice. He will also help in gathering and analyzing pieces of evidence that are in your possession to determine if you will have a good chance of proving the harasser’s guilt.
  • File a sexual harassment complaint with the EEOC- Once you have filed a complaint with the agency, it will conduct an investigation to determine if you are a victim of such unlawful act. If you were able to prove that your allegations are true, it will try to settle the problem or pursue a case against the harasser.

For more information about sexual harassment, you can call a Los Angeles employment lawyer from the Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300.

Personal Injury Solutions: How to File an Accident Claim
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Were you hurt in a personal injury accident? Do you need financial assistance to fund your medication? If your answer to these questions is yes, you should seek legal help from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyers right away. Your attorney would be the one to handle difficult legal tasks such as writing documents, studying evidence and estimating damages.

However, that does not mean you would not do anything for the development of your injury claim. The following are some useful tips that can help you obtain compensatory damages from the responsible party in the accident:

  • Recall the accident. Take down notes while recounting the incident. This can speed-up the investigation process, as well as identify the liable parties.
  • Make notes of conversations of people around. If you have talked with witnesses after the accident, try to remember what they said about it.
  • Identify and keep objects or information that can be considered evidence. Evidence is crucial in this kind of legal situation so make sure you do not throw them away. Past records of involved parties may also be considered as basis for liability. 
  • Ask a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to file your claim against the responsible party. When dealing with this kind of problem, make sure you have a legal expert to support you.
  • Have a medical specialist check and assess your injuries. Most of the time, serious injuries mean higher amount of compensation.

If you are able to follow these steps, they can definitely turn the tables in your favor. Some of the compensatory damages you may get from the liable party include:

  • Hospitalization and medical expenses.
  • Lost wages due to disability.
  • Repair or replacement costs of the injured victim (mostly in car accidents)

Aside from compensation for material losses, injury claims may also require responsible parties to compensate for pain and suffering damages. If you want to make sure you obtain these benefits, seek legal help from a seasoned Los Angeles personal injury lawyer immediately. In Mesriani Law Group, our respected and recognized attorneys specialize in handling personal injury cases. Call us at (310) 826-6300 or send us an email at if you want our experienced lawyers to resolve your claim.

Personal injury accidents are indeed painful and life-changing for victims. But they should not stay that way. With the help of expert Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, they would soon recover from their losses and start with a new life.

4 Basic Motorcycle Tips to Keep you Safe
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

According to statistics, motorcyclists are 37 times more likely to be killed and 9 times more likely to be injured in a crash compared to a car occupant.

Several factors contribute which makes riding motorcycles more dangerous than driving cars.

Some of those include:

·         Two- wheels – Unlike a car with its stable 4-wheel base, motorcycles only have two wheels and you have to constantly be in balance to avoid falling.

·         No protective cage – Compared to the driver of a car who is encased in a somewhat  protective cage, the motorcyclist is out on the open so he is more vulnerable to dangers on the road.

·         No seatbelts – Car occupants have a seatbelt that will protect them from being ejected from the vehicle; motorcyclists, on the other hand, can be thrown off the bike even with the slightest impact.

If you have been injured due to a motorcycle crash, you should consult a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to know all your legal option on how to recover your losses.

If you have not been involved in a motorcycle crash, this is the perfect time to review your driving habits and see if there are other things you can do to reduce the risk of driving a motorcycle.

To help you, here are some tips you can follow:

·         Wear a helmet

This is the most basic and most important motorcycle gear. In fact, this is required to be worn by motorcyclists the same way that seatbelts should always be worn by car occupants.

Motorcycle helmets protect your from some of the most serious head and brain injuries you may incur in a crash.

·         Avoid Lane Splitting

The act of moving between two vehicles is not really illegal in California.

But if you are going to do it, then do it with caution.

Lane split only if the vehicles are stopped or moving in very low speed.

·         Be conspicuous

Make sure that the drivers of the other vehicles are aware of your presence at all times.

Avoid going behind large vehicles like vans, trucks and buses as they have blind spots all over.

·         Take the whole lane

Do not stick to the side of the road where you are in danger of being sideswiped by passing vehicles.

Take the middle of the lane and treat the motorcycle like a car.

For more information on how to recover losses after a motorcycle crash, you can talk to the Mesriani Law Group’s accident attorneys in San Diego.

For a free consultation, feel free to call us at our toll free number at (310) 826-6300 or send an email at .



Truck Driving Safety 101: Simple Tips and Reminders
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Driving a trailer truck is a difficult and dangerous job. Aside from controlling the tractor, truck drivers should also keep their trailers and cargo in mind because they often cause accidents. If you are a truck driver who wants to maintain a clean driving record for your company, here are some tips and reminders for you to follow:

  • Slow down during dangerous conditions on the road. When passing on snowy or icy roads, reduce your speed by about a half.
  • Do not overload. Overloaded trucks are more prone to rollover collisions because of weight imbalance.
  • Take a break. After driving for several hours, you should rest or take a nap to regain energy. You may also have another driver take the wheel while you rest.
  • Be careful when passing by work zones. Trucks should slow down on busy places to avoid collisions with cars and other vehicles.
  • Keep the truck in good working condition. The tires, engine, cargo area and brakes should be well-maintained to avoid any defect-related accidents. There should also be spare tires in case of emergency.

These tips may not totally keep you out of harm’s way, but at least they would reduce your chances of getting involved in collisions on the road. But what if you were struck by a reckless driver? You may still be able to avoid liability if you can prove the following factors:

  • You were not driving above the speed limit.
  • The truck was not overloaded.
  • You tried to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

In this kind of situation, you need to get a Los angeles truck accident attorney to work on your case. The Los Angeles accident attorney of Mesriani Law Group can resolve this kind of legal problem. Just call us at (310) 826-6300 or send us an email at so we can take initial steps for your situation. With our help you may be able to prove the points given above, and avoid liability for the accident. However, you may still get a bad record for getting involved in the crash.

While trucks may be more difficult to drive than cars, its principles are almost the same. Drivers should understand that a lot of things can happen with just a single mistake. If they do not want to suffer the damages and legal consequences of a truck accident, then they should learn to control themselves and drive responsibly.


Dealing with the Legal Complications of Worker’s Compensation Benefits
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Most companies in the U.S. are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees in the event of an accident at work. Unfortunately, many workers are unaware of how to apply for such benefits. As a result, most of them are not able to obtain financial assistance from their employers. If you have this kind of problem, seek legal counsel from a Los Angeles worker compensation attorney.

When applying for workers’ compensation benefits, there are two things that you should consider:

  • Where the injury happened – The place where you acquired the injury is crucial. If the accident took place while you were on duty, you may be eligible to obtain benefits from your employer.
  • When the injury happened – After the accident, you will have several days to report the incident to your boss. Make sure you inform your boss about your injury within the statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

While these factors may be easy to comprehend, these points are in fact difficult to handle when applying for workers’ compensation. That is why you really need to obtain the legal services of a Los Angeles labor lawyer to make sure you obtain the benefits you deserve. You would not have to worry how to handle your claim because your attorney will do that for you.

The following are some federal and state laws that you may use in your application to make sure your employer provides your workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Federal Employment Compensation Act (FECA)
  • Merchant Marine Act (Jones Act)
  • California Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Federal Employment Liability Act (FELA)

With these laws, you may have better chances of obtaining financial assistance for the treatment of your injuries. If your employer still refused to provide the benefits, your Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney can file a complaint with your state’s workers’ compensation board. With their help, you may be able to obtain a higher amount of benefits from your boss.

The trusted labor lawyers of Mesriani Law Group handle these kinds of cases. For over 15 years, our Los Angeles employment lawyer have managed to resolve similar claims and recover benefits for our clients. Call us at (310) 826-6300 or email us at if you want us to work on your workers’ compensation application. With the help of a trusted employment attorney, recovering from the damages caused to you by the accident would be much easier.


How to Deal with Truck Accidents
California Lawyer, Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles Lawyer, West Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, McClellan Dr Los Angeles Lawyer

Traffic accidents involving a truck and a car often causes the occupants of the smaller vehicle to sustain serious or fatal injuries, considering the weight and height of a truck.

Because of the danger brought by trucks to road users, the government has taken certain actions to help regulate safety in the trucking industry. However, truck accidents continue to happen and the lives of many people are put at risk when a negligent truck driver is on the road.

Many people have died after being involved in this type of motor vehicle accident. In fact, statistics revealed that in 2008 alone, around 10,764 people were killed due to traffic accidents involving a light truck. In addition, records also show that the number of truck accidents has gone up to 20 percent in the last two decades.

Determining liability in a truck accident is complicated because there may be different parties involved in it like the truck driver, the company he is working in, and the manufacturer of the vehicle or a part of it.

The steps that you will take after the accident will either increase or decrease your chances of winning the case and recovering monetary damages from the person at fault in it.

Here are different ways on how to deal with truck accidents which may help you maximize your chances of having a successful case:

·         Acquire medical assistance- If you were injured in the accident, the first thing that you should do is to go to a hospital in order to be treated by a doctor. Aside from helping you get better, this action will also enable you to have medical documents which will prove that you were hurt due to the incident.

·         Consult a Los Angeles truck accident attorney- Having a legal expert on your side is an advantage because you will likely face different issues, which may be hard for you to understand, during the litigation process.

It will be the job of your attorney to do the following:

·         Engage in settlement talks in the aim of resolving the problem outside the court

·         Prepare all the documents needed in the litigation process

·         Guide you throughout the process and help you understand the different legal issues involved in it

·         Represent you during court hearings

·         Gather and present evidence which shows that the defendant was negligent 

If you have questions about truck accidents, it is advisable that you call a Los Angeles accident attorney of the Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300.



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